In 2004 Lostock Park was an unwelcoming unused area with a few limited pieces of outdated play equipment.

The park has been transformed by the determined work and dedication of the members of the Friends of Lostock Park

Total amount raised by this group to improve Lostock Park £353,375.

Aims of group

Improve leisure and sports facilities and recreational space within Lostock Park, Stretford.

  • Improve security to provide a safe environment for the local residents and users of Lostock Park.
  • To undertake/promote activities which protect and enhance the ecological environment of the Park,
  • Promote the facilities and raise the profile of Lostock Park through public events and other appropriate methods.
  • To work with residents, park users, local authorities, voluntary and other organisations to continuously improve the park.
  • To explore and seek new sources of funding to achieve the above aims.

Success to date

  • This group installed new children’s play equipment in 2006, and has won a sustainable community awards and North West in Bloom award. This group became a constituted independent ‘Friends of Lostock Park’ group in January 2007. The group members have strived to develop open positive relationships with the young people who use the bowl regularly. This has had a great success rate with young people clearly taking ownership of the bowl and surrounding areas.
  • Continue to support the Skate Park.


The Friends of Lostock Park group financial achievements to date include:

2005 New over 5 years play area £120,000 Lostock Fair Share Fund and Trafford Authority capital funding
2008 Awards for All Grant £5,700 Wild flowers


3 benches

3 cherry trees

Bird boxes & bat boxes

Sculptures designed by local children from Quest Cubs

2009 Grassroots grant £4,570

Events in the park including picnics

B3 Activities to support those wanting to learn to use bikes, boards & roller blades safely

Planting activities

2009 Skate Park

£80,000 £50,000 Fair Share funding & £30,000 Manchester United 106 funding

2010 Skate Park extension
£50,000 play builders fund
2011 Lostock Bowling hut renovation work THT Urmston Community Panel
Under 8’s play area
2012 £49,175 Veolia

£20,000 THT Urmston Community Panel

Plans for the future

Sure Start to begin working with Friends of Lostock Park from September 2012 to
Offer regular stay and play sessions as well as cycling lessons for young children in the park to foster good relations with families.